Vita Nova will be born at the former telephone station

Based on materials of Kultura channel. Cultural news.

A new unusual art-space makes its name in Moscow. Abandoned building of the beginning of XX century, crumbling plaster, walls that bear traces of several layers of paint - contemporary art on the background of ruins. The Sistema Gallery considers that this atmosphere contributes to more acute dialog of the old and the new. Special project was devoted to works of Vladimir Martynov.

Philosopher, ideologist of art, composer who became famous in "the end of time of composers" both presents his music and prepares audience to perception. Story by Cultural news.

The coat peg is empty. The Tower of the First Moscow Telephone Station has no heating; people leave their coats on. According to intent of the project authors the new life - Vita Nova can be born only in the place like this, among tumble-down beauty of the past. Vita Nova is also the name of the cycle devoted to works of Vladimir Martynov.

"Everything that goes on today in Moscow seems a king of sickly branch of consecrated action of music. And I decided to make Vladimir Ivanovich create a cycle of educational lectures and concerts for people to hear other music" - Ekaterina Kholm, project curator, says.

Composer inscribes other music into history of world culture. His presentation - about Italian Renaissance, world view of modernist style, Gregorian chants, Indian mantra, civilization boundaries. This is the context of Exercises and Dancing of Guido opera the parts of which sounded that evening. "The opera is about Guido of Arezzo, founder of solmization. This person invented notes, note names: do-re-mi-fa-sol-la. And the intrigue of the opera insists that this music steps are connected to steps of soul ascension to God" - composer Vladimir Martynov comments.

The basis are texts of Guido of Arezzo, Medieval theorist of music. The opera is executed in Latin for audience not to try to understand meanings of words. Both author and musicians are sure: special attitudes are necessary to listen to this composition.

"The main thing is openness of audience and willingness to accept the news musicians will bring. And this news seems the main thing of the music to me" - Tatiana Grindenko, peoples' artist of Russia, notes.

Vladimir Martynov does not call his compositions traditional operas. For him these are ritual acts which shall change the world. Martynov, who announced the end of composer music, explains his role in music like this:

"I'm a king of Dj. But not a pop-music but in academic music. I bring a big bag with me, just like Dj. He brings records, and I bring suitcase with large texts" - he confesses.

A series of lectures and concerts is just a step. The audience and musicians are made ready to the main work of the project - opera Vita Nova by Martynov. The production is planned by conductor Vladimir Yurovsky. He has already presented the composition in London and New York. Now he is sure - Vita Nova needs new theater.

"This will be a special orchestra. It will not have base at some place. People will be chosen specially only for one project. This refers choir, singers and everything else" - Yurovsky comments. The plan has it that Moscow is to see Vita Nova in a year. The main difficulty of the creative team is to find the director able to create not just a genius performance but a mystery as it is designed by Vladimir Martynov.